Working with ICRG

Clear Goals and Better Strategies

The most successful boards work with a clear vision and the proper strategies for building a long lasting financially healthy community that they and their neighbors can proudly call home.

This requires boards to work cohesively as a single unit beginning with a unified vision of what the community should look like in the future. 

To protect the visions of our clients ICRG provides strategies and resources that are designed to meet their goals, but that do so in a way that offers them safe conservative financial management while addressing the opperational liquidity needs of their replacement schedules.   

Together we will examine and address shortcomings in key benchmarks that may be leading your community towards higher assessments. Under the guidance of an advisor who understands the limitations of capital reserve planning, you will recieve essential building blocks to keep your community on the path to a successful future.

Building Your Community's Future  Together 

Your ICRG representative will spend time working side by side with your board members, building an understanding of the distinct needs of your community and gaining perspective for how the neighborhood came to it's current financial state. During the Financial Blueprinting process we will support your board in establishing strong community goals, educating new board members of their fiduciary responsibilities, and by providing insight on basics financial operations such as how to read financial documents. Then at the conclusion of our work together, we will provide you with an unbiased recommendations that help your board achieve success, because we are not here to sell you a product, we are here to provide you with the solution.