Our Financial Approach


In order to meet our client's needs we employ a forward looking approach to planning with strict adherence to guidelines set forth in the Public Funds Investment Act. 

Our advisors work for the benefit of the communities that they serve, which means your best interest is in our best interest. Because we are focused on helping your board make better choices with community assets we spend a lot of time in the education process with board members. 

It's our belief that a unified approach to planning is the best way for board members to gain a clear understanding of the community's financial circumstances today. as well as the impact each solution will have on critical areas of  your planning in the future. We will walk through each of area of your planning, narrowing in on areas that will drive your growth potential higher,

  • Optimization and strategic planning of your capital reserve funds 
  • Highlighted deficiencies and over spending on your community's insurance coverages
  • Balancing assessments between current and future property owners
  • The maintaining of consistency and continuity across each generation of new boards

By focusing on these key areas your ICRG advisor can show you how to combat rising assessments and proactively improve both community financial health and overall property values. 

What Makes ICRG the Right Choice?                                                                                                                                             The success of our clients is credited to elements built into who we are as a firm. 

  1. The skill sets of our advisors. Our professionals have unique backgrounds in board service to communities and non-profit corporations, as well as in the financial industry. This blend allows our advisors to work across all areas of finance and insurance to bring forth solutions that put your community's money to work while minimizing risk.

  2. The delivery of actionable information to boards. The only way you will be better off is if you make better decisions based on clear and understandable information. To ensure comfortability our advisors engage in real strategic conversations about your community's money and provide the board with a high level of insight and education about the strategic recommendations that will better protect and grow your neighborhood.