Our Planning Philosophy

The most important investment we can make is in time spent building a trusted meaningful relationship with your community's board. We appreciate that at the heart of our success lies great board volunteers dedicated to making their communities better places to live, and that for you to feel successful means having a good relationship with people you can trust.

Our focus is on the details of your community and the education of your board members because we not only want to help you make the right decisions for your neighborhood, we want you to be comfortable throughout the process. Helping you bring to life the financial goals of your community is only half of our success story, the other half is making sure your board has the insight and resources to feel knowledgeable about the decisions you are being asked to make.









Expect More from ICRG                                        
ICRG approaches every client relationship with a commitment to providing a first class service experience that not only lets you meet your financial needs but raises your expectations in the process. 

At our core as a firm we believe that the only way our clients are truly better off is if we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone finds the decision making process comfortable and informative. So our practice of spending time alongside your board, breaking down different investment decisions and sharing details about your strategies allows us to implement actionable programs that fit your community's goals.

As an ICRG client you will benefit from our team approach. Your dedicated representative is always available to address questions that arise, but is also able to integrate key ideas with your existing professional relationships, such as your manager, accountants, and engineers, ensuring that all parties understand your board's desires and collaborate in a unified manner.