Online Fiduciary Training







To get you ready for your new role on the board we offer an online financial training course for board members. We know how much there is to learn about being a good steward of the community so we breakdown key areas you will need to know about in order to fulfill your finanical duties as a board member.

You will recieve educating training on insightful topics like, 

  1. Fiduciary relationship between board members and their communities
  2. How to read financial documents like budgets, expense reports, and balance sheets
  3. And how to get the most out of reading your Bi-Laws and your reserve study

This 90 minute session brings together experts who will get you up to speed on the "Do's & Don't" of serving on a community board and will immerse you in your role so you'll have valuable insight and experience before your first day.

$100 Board Member Fiduciary & Financial Training