Who's ICRG

The Intelligent Capital Reserve Group is a financial consulting company that specializes in investment planning and insurance services for HOAs, condominiums and municipal utility districts.

Our services help property owner boards (and developers) exploit valuable savings, by designing and managing financial portfolios and insurance strategies that aid in reaching a community's financial potential.

ICRG advisors streamline the board's long-term planning by recommending and installing community-appropriate solutions aimed at helping optimize how you protect and invest for your neighborhood's future, while tailored financial programs provide safe and reliable opportunities to help keep pace with the rising costs of replacement obligations.


                                            Get Intelligent with Your Reserves

ICRG is not a bank and we do not sell proprietary products. We are liscensed professionals hired by your board, to work on behalf of your building or neighborhood, developing ideas for your community to save and prosper in today's economy. 

Our history of board service provides us insight into the planning needs of communities which helps us better coordinate your program with your goals.

When the founders of ICRG decided to become a financial resource for better community association planning, they knew ICRG clients would need a financial platform where board members could make smart easy choices, and feel comfortable that their community would be in a better position because of it, so they went out and built one. 

ICRG began because we saw conflicts with bundling community banking and management services together. While banks play a role in community operations, understanding how banks profit is important in determining if your money is working for your neighborhood's bottom line or for somebody else's.

ICRG understands that communities who regularly employ low interest earning accounts to manage reserves lose much of the growth they need to maintain lower assessments-and that this can be problematic.


Why We're a Smarter Choice

We credit the success of our clients to elements built into who we are as a firm. 

  1. The skill sets of our advisors. Our advisors have a unique background in board service to communities and non-profit corporations and as licensed financial professionals. This specialized blend of knowledge and skills allows our teams to work across all areas of finance and insurance to bring forth solutions that put your community's needs first.

  2. The delivery of actionable information to boards. The only way you will be better off is if you make better decisions based on clear and understandable information. To ensure your comfort our advisors engage in real strategic conversations about your community's financial outlook, and lend a high level of insight to address your questions about the recommendations that we believe would serve your neighborhood best.

  3. Fiduciary relationships.  We don't just tell our client's that we have their interests in front of our own, we prove it. Our services are performed under the fiduciary standards similar to those a board member must serve with.  We commit upfront to remaining nuetral and transparent in our process so that we can begin building a trusted relationship with your board from day one. This way your interests and ours align.